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Marc Takeuchi Posted by Marc Takeuchi on January 11, 2019

High-Tech Asphalt Company Now Has a Bold New Website

High-Tech Asphalt Company Now Has a Bold New Website

Freshly Launched: A Stylish, Clean, and Striking Website for One of the Coolest Asphalt Companies Around—U.S. Cold Patch

The team over at U.S. Cold Patch came to efelle frustrated with their current website—it was cumbersome to update and lackluster to look at. They wanted to upgrade their web presence so that their online assets better reflected the dedication to technology and science they bring to the table when developing their own products.

Those products, after all, are among the most sophisticated on the market; U.S. Cold Patch uses unique technology to create asphalt patches that not only stand the test of time, they’re manufactured without harsh chemicals—as such, they’re more eco-friendly than those offered by the competition.

Our team was stoked to help out with U.S. Cold Patch’s website upgrade.

Website Design and Development Efforts

Our design opens on an eye-grabbing masthead area with full-width imagery and pops of gold and green—the company’s brand colors. Scrolling down, users encounter an area that introduces U.S. Cold Patch’s products, marked by unique iconography and a high-contrast call-to-action button.


Next, the homepage showcases how to use the products via an attractive step-by-step visual guide. This section, too, is punctuated by a well-placed call to action leading users deeper into the site’s “How to Use” section.

Other design highlights include the use of alternating charcoal and white for sectional backgrounds, with the occasional darkened full-width image background adding extra visual interest. This sectioning helps guide the eye and creates separation between the various areas, allowing each page to function like a map as users scroll down.


Other efforts include the design and development of about page templates, custom contact forms, and a blog space which will help the U.S. Cold Patch team keep their website fresh and their customers up to date on all things asphalt. Built on FusionCMS, one of the most adaptable and user-friendly content management systems out there, the website will be easy to maintain for years to come.

For a more robust breakdown of the U.S. Cold Patch project, visit the portfolio entry.

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