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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on March 30, 2016

Incorporating Video into Your Social Media Marketing

Incorporating Video into Your Social Media Marketing

Take your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level with Video

An increasingly crowded social media marketing landscape can make it difficult for an organization’s message to stand out. It’s easy for traditional messaging methods to come off as just more cookie cutter communications, therefore making it much more likely that your target audience will ignore you. Today businesses must find new and inventive ways to use social media to connect with customers and have a message resonate with them. A great way to stand out is to incorporate videos into your overall marketing strategy. A short, visually-appealing video is great for providing customers a quick overview of a product without bogging them down with too much text. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of a social media marketing video campaign. 

Create Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos, lasting anywhere from three to fifteen seconds, are ideal for concisely communicating to customers via platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Your audience can conveniently view these “micro videos” as they scroll through their social media feeds. This very short format makes users more likely to share videos, allowing brands to create messaging that can quickly be seen by a much larger audience. Keep in mind that different sites have different limits on how long a video can run: Instagram allows three-fifteen seconds per video, while Twitter’s Vine allows exactly six seconds.

Invite Your Customers to Join in the Action

Customer-generated content is more likely to resonate with users than anything your company can produce. So it’s a great idea to invite customers to get behind the camera themselves. There are a few different ways to accomplish this, but one of the best is to offer existing customers a prize for the best video of them showcasing their use of your product. This strategy can provide powerful customer-led testimonials on how great your product is in a video format that will be easy to share with other users.

Call to Action

Remember to always include a call to action in your video message. You can create a wonderfully entertaining video that people enjoy watching, but if a potential customer doesn’t know what to do after that, all of your efforts will have been wasted. Try to create a compelling story, then provide some guidance on what you’d like the viewer to do next.

Plan to Succeed

Just because smartphones make it relatively cheap and easy to create quality videos doesn’t mean you can skimp on planning! It’s as important as ever to have a solid strategy in place in order to maximize return on investment for your social media video marketing endeavors. Similar to tweets or Facebook posts, a video marketing campaign needs to run constantly. Businesses should plan on posting a series of videos related to a product or service instead of a single video attempting to cover everything. This will require a production schedule that will allow you to plan video releases spaced out evenly over several weeks. In that way, organizations can keep their brands fresh over a much longer time horizon.

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