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Sara Wainwright Feldman Posted by Sara Wainwright Feldman on May 07, 2020

Launched: Website Redesign for WSIPC & WASWUG

Launched: Website Redesign for WSIPC & WASWUG

Website Refresh for Washington Education Non-Profit WSIPC

WSIPC is a creator of a comprehensive school management systems and has been a long term client of efelle and was looking to continue their partnership with us as they updated their sites. We worked with them to give both the WSIPC and WASWUG, their annual conference sites a refresh with a redesign.

Design & Navigation Notes

We had worked with the team at WSIPC to create their current site many years ago. During that time, we also helped develop their new logo, so we had a deep understanding of their brand. For this refresh, the team wanted to give their site an updated look and feel, as well as update a few aspects of their site that have changed in the three years since we built their last site. 

One of the biggest areas of growth that the WSIPC team had seen used on their site was under the Bid Contracts portion of their site. The amount of content that was on the site was much higher than during the first build, so we wanted to work with their team to figure out a better way to sort through the information while making sure users were able to find what they needed. 

With most sites, we recommend parsing down content, but for WSIPC it was part of their value proposition.
We worked with their team to create a filtering system that helped optimize the page, as well as implement a map that corresponded with this information. 


Throughout the website, we also made changes to the coloring and created new icons to be used throughout the site that played on the bright colors of the WSIPC brand.


Website Development

We developed the site on our newest version of FusionCMS, which has optimized security as well as usability on the backend. We’ve made it even easier for the team to make site updates, which is especially important for the WASWUG site. Their biannual conference has a new theme each time, meaning the site needs to be easily updatable for those changes and to reflect the new theme. 

Overall, we are so excited about this launch and that we’ve been able to help our friends at WSIPC continue to flourish and grow. Read more about the update in our portfolio entry

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