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Catherine Blake Smith Posted by Catherine Blake Smith on November 20, 2020

Launched: Logo & Website Redesign for Seattle Clinic

Launched: Logo & Website Redesign for Seattle Clinic

Seattle Based Eye Clinics Eye Associates Northwest New Website is Crystal Clear 

Eye Associates Northwest is the combination of two successful Seattle group ophthalmology practices: Eye Associates of Seattle and the Eye Clinic of Seattle. They offer full-service options including eyeglasses, checkups, regular care, surgery, etc. all from their facilities, located all over the area! Eye Associate Northwest's brand and web presence were in need of a refreshing overhaul, starting with a tasteful design that is mobile responsive, modern, and welcomes their clientele to explore their offerings with ease. 

Logo Redesign 

We began the project by working through a logo refresh. The team did not dislike their old logo but rather wanted something a bit more modern, as well as flexible for multiple different uses. Our team worked closely with EANW to create a logo refresh that did not veer greatly away from their brand but offered a modernization of the logo. 

Website Redesign

The team at EANW wanted to convey their friendliness, while also their professionalism and commitment to their craft. They are a team of highly skilled professionals so we wanted to convey that through their design. We structured the content so that their expertise was displayed through certifications, a wide range of helpful information, and content-driven design that guides the user to make an appointment or find the resources they need. 

The professionalism is balanced with a friendly look and feel, using friendly lifestyle photos, as well as real photos of each of the doctors and team members, so users could see familiar faces when visiting the clinics. 

With multiple locations, we designed the site to be easily navigable for users looking based on location and services offered. Each service page links to the locations in which they offer them, and each location page shares what services are offered there, making it easy for users to navigate through the site based on their needs. 

Website Development

Along with the interconnected design of the sitemap and navigation, we’re able to use FusionCMS to easily connect and update the site. Although things like services and doctors show up on multiple pages, the team only has to update them in one spot. For instance, the doctors show up under Doctors, locations, and services, but the EANW only has to update them under the “Doctors” section of the CMS, and updates will be made to the other sections of the site where they appear!

The site is also built with a solid foundation of SEO, with an SEO Audit and Onsite implementation occurring, optimizing their website for search engines with keywords, location tags, and more. 

This new site really shows off the EANW team and their expertise. To read more about the project, read the portfolio here, and be sure to check out their new website!

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