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Rebecca Blake Posted by Rebecca Blake on December 15, 2020

Our New eCommerce Website for Naturologie Has Launched on BigCommerce!

Our New eCommerce Website for Naturologie Has Launched on BigCommerce!

Seattle’s NaturoMedica Clinics Launch a New eCommerce Website to Sell Naturopathic Products 

The NaturoMedica clinic started out as a small boutique medical practice that has since expanded to include 6 naturopathic physicians and a full offering of integrated medicine including acupuncture, IV therapy, skincare, nutrition services, and a dispensary that is open to the public. Seeing a rising need for natural products they offer to be more easily accessible online, founding Doctors Dr. Naomi Bryant and Jill Monster decided to create the website Naturologie. 

The team at Naturologie had already partnered with efelle to create their clinic websites, so we were excited to partner with them again to build out their eCommerce website!

eCommerce Website Design 

While they provide naturopathic care and supplements, the team at Naturologie wanted the site to be clean and professional, with an elevated look and feel. We worked with them to emanate a brand that felt like you were in one of their clinics with a professional guiding you along your buying journey. The site uses a lot of white space and pays homage to its NaturoMedica brand by pulling in turquoise and brown. 

The design of the site is aimed at audiences who are both exploring as well as those who know what they’re looking for. The site features a robust menu that allows users to find based on need or brand as well as a search option. 

An important element of the site was the “Health Conditions,” pages, which allowed users to search through a number of conditions to find theirs. The icons were customized specifically for Naturologie, helping again with the high-end feel. Once on a specific health condition page, users are able to learn more about their care options, and the pages dynamically pull in related categories to help serve that portion. This education portion of the site was really important to the doctors and they’re looking to continue to grow the content on the site. 

Website Development on BigCommerce

With this emphasis on content, we built the website using FusionCMS and paired it with BigCommerce to power the eCommerce portion of the website. The CMS allowed for these more robust pages, as well as their custom design. 

The BigCommerce portion of the website design allows us to create so many categories for users, allowing them to find products however works best for them. BigCommerce makes it easy for the Naturologie team to add new products into multiple categories, and it’s tie in with FusionCMS makes sure that products automatically pull into other pages like the Homepage or Health Conditions page where the category is tagged. 


We’re excited that we’re able to continue this partnership with the Naturomedica / Naturologie team and watch their business grow! Learn more about the build here, and be sure to check out their new website. 

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