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Leif Parcell Posted by Leif Parcell on August 26, 2016

Planning Ahead for a Successful Business Website Redesign

Planning Ahead for a Successful Business Website Redesign

Redesigning your business website can be a big undertaking, and it’s something that you’ll need to revisit every three to five years to keep your site modern.

There are a few important things you’ll want to think about in advance to make sure you’re getting the most impact from your efforts. 

Are you simply looking to give your Website an updated appearance and make it mobile responsive, or are visitor bounce rates and lack of conversion your biggest concerns?  responsive website design seattleMaybe you think your site has too much information, or too little – or maybe you’re just not showing up where you want in search results. 

Understand the Goals for your Redesigned Website

Think about your goals and be ready to talk about them with your web designer so your priorities stay at the forefront of the redesign process. Your redesigned website should look great and represent your brand in the best way possible. It should be functional, easy to update, and search engine optimized.

Put Your Website Analytics to Work

If you’ve tracked analytics on your Website, you should be able to use them and get pretty clear indication of what is working for you and what isn’t.  Are there certain pages on your site that people are visiting more frequently than others?  When users land on your website – what is the most common entry point? Where do they go from there? 

Taking a close look at user behavior will help you better understand what matters to your visitors and optimize your website for the best user experience. 

Perform a Website Content Audit

There’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to website content, and it extends beyond just what’s on the page. If you’re planning a website redesign, it’s the perfect time review the content on your website. 

When you’re reviewing your pages - think about how most people read websites. Visitors skim headers to get the gist - then when they find what they’re looking for, they lean in for a little more. Web content should be served in layers, not all at once. Break up long content blocks into shorter paragraphs with subheads and bullet points to keep everything concise and easily scannable. 

Also, know your keywords, and work them into your titles and paragraphs naturally. And don’t forget behind the scenes content – meta descriptions, page titles, and URL slugs are all very important for search engine optimization

Take a Look at Your Competition

There’s no shame in admitting what your competitors are doing right, then doing it even better! If a competitor’s site is more functional, more professional, higher ranking, or contains more relevant content than yours, use it as a learning tool. Compare your site and digital marketing strategy to theirs and then take what you learn to the next level. 

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