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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on February 04, 2021

Shopify Website Launched for Confectioner Baked By Yael

Shopify Website Launched for Confectioner Baked By Yael

Bakery Website Design on Shopify for DC's Favorite Cake-Poppery

Featuring freshly made bagels, delicious cake-pops, challah, pastries, and more - Baked by Yael is a nut-free, Kosher, and allergen-friendly bakery based out of Washington DC. What they lack in allergens, they make up for in flavor - with their cake pops becoming a DC staple and their bakery becoming a haven for those with allergies who usually miss out on the bakery experience. 

The previous Baked by Yael website didn’t do a great job showing off their delicious baked goods, enticing users to want to try one, nor did it truly highlight their allergen-friendly nature. The eCommerce aspect of the site also made it difficult for users to shop online and see the full offerings of Baked by Yael, so we wanted to make sure both the platform and design were user friendly. 

We decided on these goals to move forward with achieving:

  • Improve overall UX
  • Make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for
  • Feature differentiators more prominently
  • Increase sales and AOV with upsells

With these goals in mind, we decided to move forward with a Shopify template design. 

Shopify Website Design 

We wanted to design the website so that it felt friendly, welcoming, enticing, and fun. We kept their brand colors of pink, white, brown, and kept a tan as an accented background color. The colors automatically give a welcoming feel to the website, so for the enticing aspect, we showed off their delicious, fresh baked goods. The site uses large imagery and photos as backgrounds for calls to action, with pink highlighting the brand throughout the design. 


The site serves both a primary and secondary audience - the primary being those looking for high-quality baked goods in the metro-DC area, especially ones who intend on being repeat purchasers. They are familiar with the brick and mortar store and are excited to use the site online to make pick up even easier. The secondary audience is a nationwide market that is having items shipped to them. They are often looking for nut-free and Kosher products that are high quality and delicious!
With both audiences in mind, we wanted to give the site a really branded feel both those familiar and unfamiliar with the bakery itself could feel its warm and welcoming presence. 

Shopify Website Build

With the approved designs, we began making development updates to the styles of the store. We began implementing their custom design options and new photos, as well as made tweaks to things like the product pages to meet their specific needs. 

A noteworthy aspect of this site is how it makes great use of the awesome Apps available with Shopify. The site uses a number of apps to create user-friendly and high-end functionality that takes the site to the next level. 

To serve the returning customers, we installed Bold Commerce to allow for subscription options in which customers can customize their subscription. We also included Zapiet to allow for in-store pick-up and delivery, making it easy for local customers to shop. The site also uses Selly to create product upsells, bundles, and quantity breaks for those purchasing multiple baked goods at a time. 

In addition to these apps, there are a number of other ones we used to help make the back-end functionality of the site more user-friendly for the Baked By Yael team. As a busy bakery, it was important that they weren’t focused on their website constantly, and could seamlessly take orders, update the inventory, and more. 

The site truly is appetizing and we’re excited to see how Baked by Yael can continue to spread joy and send their delicious baked goods throughout the country. Be sure to check out their beautiful new website. 

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