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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on September 23, 2013

Tips for Unveiling Your New Website Design

Tips for Unveiling Your New Website Design

Tips on how to Present and Reveal Your New Website

Congratulations -- If you're reading this, your new website is just around the corner! Now that you've officially said goodbye to that old, outdated, boring website you used to put up with, the world is at your fingertips. So how do you make the most of this momentous occasion? With the right marketing strategy, your new website will put your company in front of new eyes (and maybe even give you a 2nd opportunity at a first impression for old leads, former clients, and more)... So be sure to make the most of your website launch. Utilizing your social media accounts, company blog, email newsletter campaigns, and even word of mouth will help spread the news and show off your awesome new website!

What to incorporate into your marketing strategy for your new website launch:

  1. Start building the hype by announcing the date the new website is set to go live on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – or keep your audience in suspense by saying something vague such as “Big changes are coming, keep your eyes peeled!”. Your social media presence is a great way to connect with your audience. Let them know HOW the new site will benefit THEM, and what they can look forward to.

  2. Have an internal launch party just for your company before the website goes live for public view. Unveil the new website to your team prior to launch so that everyone has a chance to familiarize themselves with the new website and get excited about it. Your coworkers/employees will take pride and ownership in the new website (and may even help you spread the word about the site launch!).

  3. Once your site is live, announce it on your company blog! You can also write PR posts and submit them to PR firms that will post about your new site on the web. Using SEO best practices while writing your blogs will also enhance visibility and reach by increasing your chances of getting found!

  4. Launch an email campaign either before or after (or both!) the website goes live. Creating an incentive to include in the email will help with open rates and conversion, so be sure to include a subject line that encourages your audience to open the email.

  5. Ask for feedback! Ask your employees, friends, neighbors, dog walkers, etc. what they think of your new site. Their feedback can help lead to a better understanding of what your site visitor is looking for to incorporate in your blogs or newsletter campaigns in the future.

  6. Have your employees update their email signatures with your new URL, encouraging people to click!

  7. Ask your past clients or partners to help spread the word by sharing your Facebook posts or retweeting your tweets. Using your networking connections helps build credibility and trust, just make sure to repay the favor!

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