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Sara Wainwright Feldman Posted by Sara Wainwright Feldman on November 21, 2019

eCommerce Website Design For Your Partner in Health and Wellness

eCommerce Website Design For Your Partner in Health and Wellness

Now Live: Website for Salus Saunas - traditional and infrared sauna experts 

The folks at Salus Saunas are truly passionate about their products and truly enjoy helping their customers throughout the continental US become happier and healthier. As purveyors of both the en vogue infrared versions (IG Influencers, we’re looking at you!) and the classic traditional, they really know their stuff and have been the friendly faces at home and trade shows sharing their amazing products for nearly a decade.

Custom Logo Design 

We began this project by collaborating with the Salus team to create two new logo concepts for their consideration. They wanted a logo that more represented the wellness industry, without totally straying from their current brand. To do so, we reimagined the brand colors as well as the logo.

The brand color palette uses a warm copper color and a warm forest green complemented by cooler turquoise blue and light gray.  The warm copper color conveys warmth and gives of the feel of quality and radiance and vitality.  The blue and the green complement the gold with a calming tranquil feel that evokes relaxation. From there, we created a two different compositons of the logo, landing on the final one, which features an icon that combines the "S" from the name and the idea of heatwaves. 

Website Design for a New eCommerce Chapter

Salus came to us to help them break into the eCommerce space, so that they could reach even more customers and share their knowledge with those who may not be able to interact with them at trade or home shows. While the goal of any eCommerce site is to reach and convert, Salus made it clear from the start that what really sets them apart in the industry is their incredible customer service. They wanted a design that reflected this, while creating a customer journey that was straightforward and compelling.

First, it was a no brainer to work with one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms out there, BigCommerce. To that solid structure, we added FusionCMS which would allow Salus to realize the full potential of their site through dynamic content offerings and great user experience on both the front and back end. 


To help Salus reach their eCommerce goals, we created custom category pages with clear organization, giving them more visual control over how they display their products. Product detail pages were robust and full of compelling content and clear CTAs. Everything that the customer might want to know about their products could be found and if additional information was needed, answers were only a click away. We even developed a custom-coded calculator to help site visitors preview the cost of running a Salus Sauna (Hint: It’s a surprising bargain!). Sauna shoppers need not miss the personalized approach they had come to expect from Salus out in the real world.

On the non-product side of the site, we designed informative About pages, allowing Salus to easily share information on the myriad benefits of their products as well as a blog with thoughtful filtering options so that visitors to the site could find the information they need. Finally, unique layouts sitewide featuring curved page dividers and customized button hover animations created a more modern web experience that draws the user to engage with all of this great content.

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