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Sydne Streich Posted by Sydne Streich on June 16, 2020

Website Design for Senior Living Communities Highgate

Website Design for Senior Living Communities Highgate

We Launched a New Website for Highgate Senior Living

With a unique holistic approach, made from scratch meals, and high-quality care, Highgate Senior Living communities are popping up all over the west coast to serve those hoping to find a senior living home that goes above and beyond. Highgate has homes throughout the west coast including Washington, Montana, California, and more. Their Positive Approach Care and Purposeful Living mission makes for happy residents and puts their loved ones at ease. 

Design Notes

Overall, we wanted the Highgate website to feel warm, welcoming and caring to truly reflect the mission of Highgate Senior Living. We included warm colors throughout the site, as well as high contrast fonts that are easy to read. The site uses soft icons as well as a range of real lifestyle photos provided by the team at Highgate. Both icons and photos are used throughout the site to not only show what Highgate provides but also to help users and their loved ones better imagine themselves there. 

Highgate has a number of benefits for those looking to live there, from a holistic approach, a positive approach to care, and honestly a lot of fun activities they host for residents. We decided to highlight these using specially designed icons on each community page, as well as on “Why Highgate” and throughout other supporting pages.  


Why Highgate

The “Why Highgate” page is an important place to share the features that set Highgate ahead of their competitors. Our design team made it easy to navigate and allow the information to flow naturally and link off to detail pages that provide more comprehensive list of their services. 
As we mentioned earlier, the Highgate team provides a plethora of resources for users to look through. The CMS makes it easy for them to automatically link blogs and resources on the specific Why Highgate pages we mentioned. For example, under Nutricious Delicious Food, we pull in “Senior Dining Resources” at the bottom of the page including a video series, recipes, educational guide, and blog posts. When the team wants to add a new resource in FusionCMS, they can automatically tag one of the sources and choose if they want it to be featured on the page.

Website Development Details

The Highgate website needed to build so it could provide a wealth of information in a user-friendly way. The design team at efelle did a wonderful job making sure the user experience was intuitive, and out frontend development team brought the designs to life. We built the site on the FusionCMS framework so it’d be easy to update with new content, resources, events, and more.

Overall, we are excited at new site we’ve launched for Highgate that’ll allow them to better serve their residents, help users more easily find them, and overall help them continue to grow!

Be sure to check out their beautiful new site for yourself and read more about the project on our portfolio page.

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