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Miranda Towler Posted by Miranda Towler on July 27, 2020

Website Redesign for Consulting & Lifestyle Medicine Practice

Website Redesign for Consulting & Lifestyle Medicine Practice

Website Launch for Long Term Client Pinnacle Medical Wellness

Pinnacle Medical Wellness was founded with the primary values of excellent customer service, quality, holistic care, and positive relationships. They’ve been providing these services since 2004 and were one of the early adopters of what is now recognized as Lifestyle Medicine. As innovators from the start, they have continued to evolve and are now serving as management consultants for medical groups who are looking to follow their same path in lifestyle medicine. 

As previous clients of efelle, we were familiar with the Pinnacle Medical Wellness team and their practice and were excited to continue to partner with them as they made this new step. 

Website Redesign

With this shift in offerings, it was necessary for the team at Pinnacle to have a new site to match. While they’re still offering PT services, we wanted to shift the design of the site to focus on both Consulting as well as their Lifestyle Medicine practice. With this shift in mind, we helped update their navigation along with the website design. The navigation is a crucial part of the User-Experience, so we made sure it was optimized for all users visiting the site. 

The website design was done in a way that was still familiar to those who have worked with Pinnacle before, while also presenting them in a new and more modern way. This new site features updated photos as well as icons and a cleaner color scheme. 


Search Engine Optimization

With this new endeavor of providing Management & Consulting services, it was important for the site to be optimized for keywords surrounding this. With that in mind, we included an SEO Audit and Onsite Implementation into their project. This audit allows us to look at their current rankings for keywords, as well as potential places we can continue to optimize for. The onsite portion is where our team goes into the backend of the site and optimizes links, meta tags, and more, giving the Pinnacle team a strong foundation of search engine optimization right at the launch of their new site. 

Website Development

We were excited to update the CMS version that Pinnacle Wellness was on, making it even easier for them to update. Using FusionCMS, we helped them build out templates for case studies, services, and blogs to make it easy for them to provide new updates to their clients. 

To learn more about this site, check out the portfolio entry, as well as the brand new site itself!

Website Redesign on Your To-Do List? 

Let’s get it done. At efelle, we partner with our clients to help them continue to grow. Just like with Pinnacle, we’re there to help our clients every step of the way and allow them to reach their goals online and in-person. If you’re ready to get started, fill out the form below and one of our Digital Strategists will reach out to you.