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Rupert Rodney Launches New FusionCMS Business Consulting Website


Catherine Blake Smith

Rupert Rodney is a business consulting firm that provides business strategy, branding strategy, and business development solutions. The head of Rupert Rodney, Alexander Michael Gittens, is an acclaimed author, speaker and strategist. He has created billions of dollars worth of solutions for over 400 businesses in every corner of the globe. read more

Belshaw Adamatic Launches New eCatalog Website


Catherine Blake Smith

Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group has served the baking industry for 98 years and is a leading supplier of donut fryers, donut production equipment, bakery ovens, and bread makeup lines. We updated their site years ago and wanted to transition them to a new site as technology and styles changed. read more

Centauri Fitness Launches New eCommerce Website


Catherine Blake Smith

Centauri Fitness is based out of Texas and produces premium pre-workout supplements. They're a veteran-owned company and are very passionate about their product. They focus on quality and wanted to convey that with their new website. read more

Miller Nash Launches New Law Firm Website


Catherine Blake Smith

Miller Nash is a law firm primarily based in Seattle with locations in Portland, Long Beach, Vancouver, Wash. and a virtual presence in Anchorage. This redesign was one of the final steps in showing a unified brand after the 2014 merger. read more

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