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Miranda Towler Posted by Miranda Towler on March 31, 2021

120-Year-Old Seattle Construction Firm PSF Mechanical Has a New Website!

120-Year-Old Seattle Construction Firm PSF Mechanical Has a New Website!

We Designed a Beautiful New Website for Seattle’s Trusted Team at PSF Mechanical

For over 120 years, PSF Mechanical has been serving the Seattle area with its high-quality work and commitment to safety. They’ve gained the trust of many clients through their legacy of integrity and innovation and are committed to continuing to serve their clients.

Website Design 

With such a long-standing and interesting history, we wanted the website to be a mix of highlighting that history while still making sure that users knew the PSF team was innovative and growing. We created a clean design that features dark blues and greens, mixed with a clean white and orange for a pop of color. We mixed in historic photos, as well as new photos of their team on some of their largest projects. The new website design is overall lighter than the previous design, keeping it friendly, engaging, and bold with some grit. 

Along with attracting clients, one of the goals of the new website was to continue to build the team at PSF Mechanical. With this in mind, we considered what would be most important for potential employees to see on the website and made sure to highlight it. Throughout the site we show the integrity of the PSF team, as well as their awesome projects someone who works for them is able to work on. To culminate everything we created a robust Join the Team landing page. This page shows a few photos of the team to familiarize some faces, as well as show off the benefits of working at PSF with simple icons and content. We then highlight life and culture, as well as some testimonials from employees before showing the listings of open jobs.

Website Development

We built this site on FusionCMS, so the PSF Mechanical team could easily update their website. When built on FusionCMS, the content management system only shows the relevant modules and pages for the PSF Mechanical team, making it easy for them to update and navigate. 

For PSF Mechanical, they’re able to add new services, portfolio entries, and job listings quickly and easily. We find it’s a crucial aspect for many businesses so that their busy team can make these updates and continue growing the business in other ways without being bogged down by learning code to make changes.

We’re excited to see how the PSF Mechanical team continues to serve the Seattle area for another 100 years! Read more about their website in our portfolio and be sure to visit the website.

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