Website Project Launches

Kevin Gamache Posted by Kevin Gamache on January 04, 2021

Check Out Our Law Firm Logo and Website Design for Cochran Douglas!

Check Out Our Law Firm Logo and Website Design for Cochran Douglas!

Our New Logo and Website for Law Firm Cochran Douglas Has Launched!

Cochran Douglas is a law firm that fights hard for its clients to find justice. They take on cases from auto accidents to medical malpractice, working to get their clients the best results possible. The Partners recently inherited the law firm and were excited to grow the firm using their current experience. 

Cochran Douglas came to efelle with the goal of rebranding their entire business. This meant starting off with a logo design and then creating a website and other marketing materials to match. 

Law Firm Logo Design 

The cornerstone of any brand is the logo, so we started off by discussing the look and feel that the Cochran Douglas team wanted to portray, as well as discussed aesthetic elements they liked. From there, we created the first concept that included the navy colors and red shield. After a few revisions to the font-weight and verbiage, we were able to land on their beautiful new logo. 


Law Firm Website Design 

The team at Cochran Douglas wanted to have a clean and modern design that was also inherently personal and friendly. With that in mind, we used a clean white background with grey accents, along with their red and blue to add pops of color, and their shield icon as a pattern throughout the website design.


Our team also designed custom icons to designate practice areas for the firm and colorized them in their brand colors. These make it easy for users to navigate based on what they’re looking for and keeps the site friendly and approachable. Along with the icons, we used lifestyle imagery and photos of the team throughout the website design. This was done intentionally to show users the real people fighting for them and build some familiarity with the lawyers they’ll be working with.

Website Development 

The site is built with ease of use in mind for both the end-user and the Cochran Douglas team. The site is interconnected making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for and navigate based on practice areas, lawyers, or even results. With the user in mind, we designed the site to be intuitive, ultimately leading them to contact the Cochran Douglas team. 


As many lawyers, the Cochran Douglas team is extremely busy fighting for their clients. That being said, they still want to update their website regularly, so we built the site on FusionCMS to make sure it’s quick and easy to update. When they win a new case or make a major breakthrough, they can quickly add something into the “Results” section, as well as create a new blog post to share further details. With the CMS, it’ll automatically pull that blog to the homepage as well! 

The new rebrand looks awesome for the lawyers at Cochran Douglas, and we can’t wait to see where they take the firm and how many more clients they help find justice. Be sure to check out their site and our portfolio listing here

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