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Catherine Blake Smith Posted by Catherine Blake Smith on February 17, 2021

Global Retailer of High-End Car Seats and Strollers Diono Has a New eCommerce Website

Global Retailer of High-End Car Seats and Strollers Diono Has a New eCommerce Website

Buckle Up: We’ve Designed a New Website for Seattle Based Car Seat and Stroller Company Diono!

Diono has been designing and engineering car seats, strollers, carriers, and accessories for over 20 years in the heart of Seattle. They have a passion for problem-solving and continuously improving the safety of travel with kids. Diono came to efelle looking for a new website that spoke to their commitment to safety and passion for what they do, as well as something that helped streamline their growth and optimized their backend. 

Website Design 

The website design came out of inspiration for their home base in Seattle, as well as wanting to show off safe and happy kids using their product. We looked at their previous website, as well as similar sites in their sector, but we realized it was most important to approach the site as if you were a parent shopping for your own child. That inspired the site to include a healthy mix of important safety information, straightforward product shots, and finally just photos of families enjoying their lives with Diono by their side. 


We used large-scale imagery, clean lines, and robust layouts that attribute to product storytelling. The website design uses their signature Diono green to highlight calls-to-action, as well as important notes like the Diono difference. Throughout the site, there are nods to the PNW roots with black and white photography and photo stylization choices. 

One of the ways our design team was able to stretch their skills was by creating a site that was equally educational and informational while also still providing a seamless and easy-to-shop eCommerce experience. Things like the product category pages, for example, are designed to highlight not only the look of the product but also its multiple functions, important safety notes like weight and size, as well as features like expandable seats and quick and secure installation.  


An overarching goal was to create an optimized shopping experience on every device. When considering the buying experience, a parent may look at a product multiple times from multiple devices, so we wanted to keep the experience cohesive. The design is built to be user-friendly on any device - whether it’s tablet or mobile or desktop. 


eCommerce Website Development 

In order to scale this website to the magnitude necessary, as well as create duplicates, we decided to build the website using a combination of FusionCMS and BigCommerce. This was done to allow for customized content front and center, with a powerful eCommerce engine to fuel the shopping portion of the site. accent-image-1.png

FusionCMS allows for the team at Diono to create:  

  • Fully customized templates and structure

  • Localization within the header to quickly navigate between regional variations

  • Single Theme Applied to Regional Instances

  • Custom Duplicatable Templates

  • Brand Stories Section

  • Fully customized blog:

    • Allows for featured posts with each page

    • Opportunities to link directly to BigCommerce products, allowing users to "Shop this Post."

With BigCommerce, we were able to implement a powerful SaaS eCommerce solution that allows for flexibility in design, while also implementing a powerful eCommerce engine to sell through. We were able to implement things like: 

  • Swatch Image Customizations
  • Image galleries switch out when swatch color is selected
  • Multiple payment options for all types of customers and devices
  • Robust category management and filtration 

Along with BigCommerce, we were able to integrate apps that allow for further optimization of the site like: 

  • Fast Checkout 
  • Route
  • BundleB2B 
  • eBridge

Our ongoing partnership with Diono will allow us to continue to make recommendations to Diono to further optimize their website and growth. The way the website was built allows for easy duplication to add to their five current sites, so as they grow, we’ll be able to copy their theme, while still allowing for regional customization, as well as easily link and create a new BigCommerce store. With an expanding reach and growing business, Diono is able to scale their business and growth. 

Read more about the build on our portfolio and be sure to check out their beautiful new website. 

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