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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on March 02, 2021

New Logo and Website Design for State of the Art Service Firm Modern Executive Solutions

New Logo and Website Design for State of the Art Service Firm Modern Executive Solutions

Logo, Branding, and Website Design for Atlanta-based Search Firm 

Modern Executive Solutions is working to disrupt the search world. After years of experience in the search industry, they saw a need for a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion based on research and intelligence with a focus on client and candidate care. 

Executive Search Firm Logo & Branding 

As a new service firm, we were starting from the ground up, developing a brand new logo. We worked to create two different concepts, giving the team options for different fonts and icons, based on the message they were looking to portray. After a few iterations, we ended up with their brand new logo, featuring blues and purples, with a modern yet strong icon that is now reflected throughout their branding. From this logo, we created a brand guide as well as some marketing materials including a Powerpoint design, letterhead, and business cards. 


Website Design 

With the new brand direction in place, we began work on the homepage of the website design. We followed the lead of the logo using the same sleek fonts and took on the branded colors to create the website design. Oftentimes search company websites are full of filler content and stock photos, something that Modern Executive Solutions wanted to avoid. They wanted to get to the meat of what they do right away by sharing helpful content, while also making sure that it was digestible and understandable by users landing on their homepage.imac.png

The entire website design is modern and sleek with a left-fly-out menu and unique scrolling details. On the service and detail pages, we implemented a partially fixed/partially scrolling page design to keep the users engaged with the content, while also making sure it’s clear and easy to understand with the design.

Content Strategy 

Being a new type of firm, education was an important part of the process, so we worked with the Modern Executive Solutions team to create a content strategy that accurately portrayed their differentiators and value proposition to their potential clients via their website. 

We focused on truly working to understand why Modern was started and ended up highlighting that throughout their content. They are truly providing a “modern” approach to search so we were happy to help them strategize that in the most effective way through a custom content strategy. 

Website Build & Content Management System

With a desire for custom design and a focus on content, it was important that the Modern Executive Solutions website was built on a flexible, yet easy-to-use platform. We decided to build on FusionCMS because it covered all of these bases and more. 


The custom design was built just for Modern Executive Solutions, so we built the CMS to fit it perfectly. This means that there are only the necessary modules available, and we are able to make it easy to update their complex and custom design. On the backend of the system, there are drag and drop boxes for photos, as well as WYSIWYG boxes for content that are automatically formatted to the correct heading. 

Implementing a system like this was important for Modern Executive Solutionsh because they’re a busy firm working to focus on their clients and internal team. While digital marketing is important to them, it’s important that they can update their website quickly and easily so they can get back to focusing on their own business. With FusionCMS, they’re able to quickly add new team members, client testimonials, and more with just a few clicks - no coding required. 

We’re excited to see how Modern Executive Solutions continues to disrupt the talent industry and help their clients build and develop sustainable, diverse leadership teams. To read more about the build, check out their portfolio entry, and be sure to visit their brand new site. 

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