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Sara Wainwright Feldman Posted by Sara Wainwright Feldman on September 24, 2020

New Logo & Website Design for Top Seattle Law Firm Lee Smart

New Logo & Website Design for Top Seattle Law Firm Lee Smart

Website Design for Top Seattle Law Firm Lee Smart

Lee Smart is one of Seattle’s oldest law firms, named the defense firm to call since 1913. Their experienced trial lawyers make them not only one of Seattle’s best law firms but team that provides their services across the country. 

Logo Design 

Being such an experienced and long-standing firm, we wanted to approach a logo redesign in a way that made the logo still very recognizable while also providing it with some modern touches. The logo process helped us decide on keeping the green but expanding the color palette to match some navy, greys, and whites. We also added an icon within the logo, still keep it recognizable, but adding a fresh touch. The logo is easily used throughout the website, as well as all the different materials used by the Lee Smart team. 

Law Firm Web Design 

It was crucial that website design for Lee Firm highlighted Lee Smart’s commitment to its clients and long term experience. The firm has been around for over 106 years, which we wanted to highlight through content and design while still sharing the innovative nature of the firm. 

The colors of the site lend themselves well to complimenting the new logo design, with a dark green and navy showing the seriousness of the firm while also remaining approachable. The sans serif font gives it an updated look and feel, and we used offset boxes throughout the design to create visual interest without making the site feel too modern and taking away from their experienced team.


Website Development

With a wide range of practice areas and a good number of attorneys, filtering was an important aspect of the site. The practice areas, news articles, and attorneys are all able to be filtered by differing facets. These filters make it easy for users who know what they’re looking for to be able to find exactly what they need. On the backend, we used FusionCMS, making it just as easy for Lee Smart to make updates or easily categorize the different portions of the site to their fitting filters. 

Law Firm SEO 

The site is built on a solid foundation of SEO, since we conducted an SEO Audit and Onsite, as well as built the site with best practices and things like page speed in mind. The SEO Audit allows our team to have a better understanding of the previous rankings and help further optimize the new site’s content and structure to be found by search engines. We're excited to continue to partner with them for ongoing marketing. 

To read more about the project, check out the portfolio entry for Lee Smart!

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