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Kerry Sweeney Posted by Kerry Sweeney on April 05, 2021

Our Website Design For The Cutting Edge Researchers at Nemours Center for EoE is Now Live

Our Website Design For The Cutting Edge Researchers at Nemours Center for EoE is Now Live

Website Design for Children’s Medical Clinic and Research

Nemours Center for Eosinophilic GI Disease works to provide clinical care, research and innovation for children with EoE. They offer cutting edge procedures that can help treat and diagnose patients like never before.

Website Design 

We wanted the design of the website to be friendly and kid focused while also making sure that it displayed the professionalism and high level of research that is occurring at Nemours. To do so we incorporated scientific elements like the EoE cell in the background -- custom illustrations created and turned into a pattern to be used throughout the site. 

Along with these patterns, we tied in a mix of organic shapes that represent the cell shapes in their colors of yellow and blue, while still keeping a white background so things stayed fresh and clean feeling. With our color choices, we incorporated bright photography of children and doctors throughout the site to keep it kid friendly. The site is created to be AA WCAG compliant as well to appeal to anyone looking to use the site. 

In terms of content, we wanted the site to be designed for digestible chunks of information -- we wanted users to be able to get all of the information they needed, while still making sure it was easy to read and understand through the design of the site. Along with the main audience of parents of children with EoE, there are also researchers and doctors who will be viewing the site. To direct them, we create a tab specific to their login area and information.

Website Development 

This website build features a few unique features, most prominent being the restricted login area for researchers to find more in-depth research that is only available to professionals. Researchers can sign up for information about the specific area of research they are looking for and they’ll gain restricted access to specific areas of the site covering their specific topics. 

For the Nemours team, they’re able to grant access to these accounts on the backend of FusionCMS, which the site is built on.
Along with this login feature, the site also includes a number of helpful modules include contact forms, service pages, blogs, staff, and more. These are customized to the Nemours team so that they can easily access and update the website. It was important for them to be able to do so, so that they’re able to update information about clinical trails, research, and more.

We’re so happy with how this site turned out for the amazing team at Nemours. Read more about the build on your portfolio and be sure to check out their new site.

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