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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on January 14, 2021

Seattle Based Law Firm Ogden Murphy Wallace Has a Beautiful New Website

Seattle Based Law Firm Ogden Murphy Wallace Has a Beautiful New Website

Website Design and Development for Washington Law Firm Ogden Murphy Wallace

Ogden Murphy is a well-respected law firm in Washington, serving clients across the state from their Seattle and Wenatchee offices. They serve clients in a variety of industries and can help in several different practice areas.  They came to efelle looking to modernize their digital presence. 

Design Notes for Ogden Murphy Wallace

As a multispecialty law firm that provides comprehensive legal services to business, municipal entities, and individuals, we wanted to make sure that the navigation and user experience for the website was intuitive. We worked with the Ogden Murphy Wallace team to create a sitemap that met both their user's needs and followed best website design practices. 

The users of the site are both individuals seeking counsel, as well as referrals looking to work with or refer OMW, so we wanted to make sure that the content was both digestible by clients, while also showing the experience and thought leadership to visitors more well versed in the legal field. We made the choice to prominently feature their well-known blog for this reason, with three posts being featured immediately on the homepage. With it being frequently updated and a hub for information for a lot of visitors, we thought it would be important to include it just below the fold. 

The website design uses the brand colors of blue and yellow as accents and highlights throughout the site, with the yellow being on calls to action, while the blue is pulled in through strategically chosen imagery and the scroll logo option. 

Law Firm Website Development 

As a busy law firm, it was important to Ogden Murphy Wallace that their website was built on a platform that was easy for them to update, while also being powerful and allow for all the robust options they were looking for. We built the site on FusionCMS, which was built specifically for users like OMW who want a powerful, yet easy to use system that doesn’t require knowing how to code! Using FusionCMS to build this law firm’s website, allowed for its custom design, interconnectivity, and a strong base of search engine optimization. 

The blog was a crucial part of the website design and development, and the OMW team wanted to make sure they had robust capabilities to make sure the blog was exactly as they wanted it to be. We built the blog with a few key features including: 

  • Easy to create categories for new relevant topics
  • Links to the author's profile
  • Links to relevant practice areas
  • Shareable links
  • Related News & Events 

On the back-end, the OMW team is able to input their content, tag the author and relevant services, and it will be automatically linked on the front end of the blog. This is great for search engine optimization as well as user experience. On the blog category page, called News and Events, users are able to sort by type of blog, author, and practice, allowing them to find the most relevant information to them quickly and easily.

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