Website Project Launches

Rebecca Blake Posted by Rebecca Blake on December 28, 2020

Wealth Management Firm Chaney Capital Has A Brand New Website!

Wealth Management Firm Chaney Capital Has A Brand New Website!

Website Design for Wealth Management Firm Chaney Capital 

Founded in 1995 by Stephen J. Chaney, Chaney Capital Management is a fee-based advisory firm created to ensure that their clients found the most helpful and objective advice out there. Their team of professionals takes a hands on approach to financial guidance, with their clients' success in mind as their ultimate goal. 

Website Design 

The website design began with what’s called a few style tiles. These allow us to try out a few design options before fully committing to a homepage design. With a few iterations and updates, we were able to identify fonts, look, and feel that guided the rest of the design process. In the end, we found the words that best reflect the design needs of the brand: Approachable, Warmth, Local. 


The overall goals of the website design were to better highlight their services, their team, and to position themselves as their clients' financial advocate. While wealth management can sometimes be positioned only to older clients, the team at Chaney Capital found it was important that they appeal to a number of generations, as wealth management can be beneficial at any age. Throughout the site, we used photography as a way to appeal to people from different walks of life, including an older couple out enjoying retirement, as well as young couples and even young families. Along with the fonts, content, colors, and photos, the site emanates approachable, warm, and local feelings. 

One important portion of the site was the “Chaney Difference,” page which shared the company’s values. We created a page that shows off what a relationship with Chaney Capital means. This is editable, updatable, and targeted at Chaney’s mission to show off their approachable nature. When designing a financial firm website, we know it's important to make sure that a contact form is always easily accessible to the user, so we made sure "Next Steps" and "Contact Us" were available in the menu. 

Website Development 

The build of the website was important because the previous site was hard to update on the backend for the Chaney team. We built the site on FusionCMS, with the goal for the site to be flexible and powerful, while also easy to update. 

On FusionCMS, the team can easily update any part of the site’s content. As they continue to grow they can add or edit services, as well as add team members. They’re also looking to expand upon their FAQ portion and can easily add more questions to help their clients learn more. 

The site was built to be responsive, as all of our websites are. This means that on any device, the site will be easily accessible for it's users. Whether it's an iPhone, a tablet, or a desktop computer, their site will be optimized for the screen size automatically. 


Search Engine Optimization

The website design project also included an SEO Audit, which included our team checking out their current rankings for their targeted keywords. From there, we implemented our findings on the site into the metatags, URLs, and more, giving the website a strong base of organic search engine optimization. The SEO Audit also included recommendations for the Chaney team to consider as they look towards digital marketing tactics in the future. 

Just as Chaney Capital does with their clients, we’re looking forward to partnering with them long term as they continue to grow. Read more about the project in our website design portfolio and check out their website as well!

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