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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on August 16, 2016

Why A Professional Logo Makes the Difference

Why A Professional Logo Makes the Difference

There's more to a logo than just looking good

To the untrained eye, many logos and word-marks look relatively simple. And in 2016, when just about everyone has Photoshop or some other kind of photo-editing software at their fingertips, it can be extremely tempting for businesses looking for a new logo to simply boot up Google Docs, pick a font, and call it a day.

But just because you—or your boss—can’t see the nuance in a professionally-designed logo, doesn’t mean your clients can’t spot the difference. A professional logo, designed with various branding points and social media uses in mind, may seem like an unnecessary expense, but if you really want to stand apart in the crowd, your brand needs the hand (and eye) of a trained professional.

Avoiding Common Logo Mistakes

One of the biggest issues non-designers run into when trying to create their own logos is not knowing which mistakes to avoid. From poor kerning (letter-spacing) that’s hard to read to logos that feature commonly-used (and often misused) stock art, there are a lot of ways that an amateur can go wrong.

Amateurs may also opt for logos that are overly-complicated or logos that are so simple they can’t be expanded for multiple uses. 

When you pay a professional to create your logo, you can rest assured knowing that your brand is in careful, trained hands. 

What Else a Professional Logo Gets You

A major perk of a professional logo is that it typically comes with much more than just a unique design. Your design firm should provide, alongside each logo treatment, a unique story that speaks to your brand. This kind of in-depth marketing consideration is something you can use to talk about both your new design and your company itself.

Additionally, your professionally-designed logo will usually be rendered in a few different ways. You’ll get choices for how to use it on social media (Twitter user photos are a different size than the ones you need for Facebook or LinkedIn, and your designer can provide all of those), on letterhead, or in advertising. 

When a professional designer creates your new look and feel, you get a lot more than just a new typeface—you get a new story and a lot of tools for future marketing campaigns. 

Investing in First Impressions

The importance of a logo really can’t be overstated; it’s your brand’s first impression, and it’s going to be on everything. For that reason alone, it’s worth spending a little time (and money) to create one that is going to represent you and everything you stand for.

Think of a professional logo, then, as an investment—you likely won’t change it for years, and if it’s done right, it’ll be able to look as good on a business card as it does on a billboard. 

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