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Jessica Bryant Posted by Jessica Bryant on September 26, 2012

Best Use of Web Video for Architects

Best Use of Web Video for Architects

Here are some tips for using video to enhance your architecture firm's online presence. video_folder_256.png

Video marketing is an excellent way to promote your architecture firm online. You can use web video to set your architecture firm apart and convince prospects to hire your firm instead of the competition. Video marketing instills confidence in prospects by giving your architecture firm a voice and a face. It also helps you connect with prospects on a more personal level and build relationships with them, which is vital to your online marketing success in the age of social media. Video marketing strategies will only become more important as a growing number of architecture clients become tech-savvy and use the Internet to research firms.

By featuring videos in your architecture firm's website portfolio, you can demonstrate your capabilities and boost prospects' confidence in your skills. Many people don't understand architectural drawings alone, so in videos, you can show drawings of buildings you've designed and then provide a virtual tour of the completed buildings. Whenever you meet with prospective clients, you can show them your video portfolio to earn their trust.

Focus on Your Clients' Needs

Don't position yourself as a jack-of-all-trades in your videos. Focus on your ideal clients' needs and create videos that showcase the types of projects they're likely to hire you for. Some factors to consider when evaluating your target market include their demographics, location, and budget.

Keep Videos Short and Engaging

Create videos that are no more than one to two minutes long,so you can keep your viewers' attention. People simply don't have long enough attention spans to watch anything that lasts longer than just a minute or two unless they're already invested in your firm.

To keep viewers engaged, tell them a story rather than just giving them a bland video tour. People need to feel a connection before they decide to pick up the phone or shoot you an email. It's your job to give your buildings character and bring them to life in your videos.

Create Professional-Looking Videos

Use a soundtrack, cuts, and other extras to effectively tell your story. A professional production will also help your video tours standout. Consider working from a script to avoid those awkward "ums" and "uhs". If you're not strong in front of the camera, pick somebody in your firm who is to narrate the video. Someone who is naturally enchanting and has a nice smile will likely be the best person for the job.

Make Your Videos SEO-Friendly

To maximize the search engine visibility of your architecture firm's videos online, provide a link to your company website at the beginning of each video's description and incorporate your target keywords throughout the description. Additionally, tag your videos with the appropriate keywords and write compelling, keyword-rich video titles.

Use Video Testimonials

One surefire way to earn your prospects' trust is by creating video testimonials. Sincerity is hard to fake when you're looking straight into a camera, so video testimonials tend to carry more weight. Prospects are able to see and hear your client talking, which can be more valuable than reading several lines of text with a name under it.

Promote Your Architecture Firm Effectively with Video Marketing

At efelle, we offer a full range of online marketing services for architects, including video marketing. In addition to our video services, we offer a website content management system for architects called FusionCMS, which includes an online video module that allows you to showcase videos of your projects. Give us a call today at 206.384.4909 or fill out our online contact form for more information about our services!

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