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Fred Lebhart Posted by Fred Lebhart on March 09, 2021

Our Brand New Website for Hawaiian Real Estate Firm Ascend Properties is Live!

Our Brand New Website for Hawaiian Real Estate Firm Ascend Properties is Live!

Check Out Our Property Management & Real Estate Website Design for Hawaiin Based Ascend Properties

Ascend Properties has an amazing reputation as a trusted leader providing premium consulting services. With a history of success, founder Albert Joy wanted to expand his reach and create a website that started users on their journey with Ascend Properties. 

Website Design 

With a reputation for amazing customer service, it was important the website design reflected and provided the same level of service online. To do this, we created a design that allowed for a vast amount of imagery of Hawaii, complemented by a clean design with sans-serif font Poppins which gives a friendly and welcoming vibe. 


To create a truly unique experience online, we designed the Concierge Funnel. When users choose “Get Started,” they’re taken through a number of questions that help guide them directly to the service they’re most interested in. Users answer questions about the type of project, what they’re interested in doing or what type of property, and then are guided to the “Solutions” page that best fits their needs! This top-of-the-line service is exactly how Albert treats his customers, and it reflects well on making sure users find exactly what they need. 


On the landing page for each Solution, we created a clean square design providing the information in an easy-to-understand format, with photos, icons, and videos relevant to each one. At the bottom of each solution page, there’s a distinct call to action that prompts users to fill out a form and get started on their journey with Ascend Properties. 

Website Developmentblog-image-32x-1.jpg

We built the website so it was fueled with great SEO juice, starting our content process with an SEO Audit, the results of which we implemented into the backend build of the site. For the content management system, we chose FusionCMS, which allowed us to build out that custom concierge experience to those custom-designed landing pages. With the CMS, Ascend Properties can add more services, expand the questionnaire, and continue to evolve the experience for their users. 

This build of FusionCMS also included modules for Case Studies so Ascend Properties can share testimonials, as well as a blog, contact forms, and careers pages. These are all easily updatable and duplicated for the Ascend team as they grow their business and continue serving their clients. 

Working with the team at Ascend was a true breeze, and we think their website reflects that same sentiment! Read more about it on our portfolio page and be sure to check out their brand new website. 

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