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Courtenay Adams Posted by Courtenay Adams on January 02, 2019

Best Moments of 2018 at Seattle's Top-Rated Web Design Agency

Best Moments of 2018 at Seattle's Top-Rated Web Design Agency

Life At Our Growing Seattle Web Design Agency Has Never Been Better

It’s been a dynamite year here at efelle creative. We launched over 70 projects, won a bunch of things, brought on a bunch of awesome new teammates, and laughed our faces off at company events. We celebrated our 13th birthday and moved up the street to a baller new office (which we’re finally settling into—office decor tends to take the backseat when you make clients your number one priority).

Put simply, this year we worked hard, discovered new things, made new friends—and loved every minute of it.

Here’s a glance into everything we've accomplished in the past year as well as some of our favorite company moments. And if you’ve had the pleasure of working with us this year, feel free to give us a shout and share with us some of your favorite online marketing moments from 2018.

efelle creative’s 2018 by the Numbers

  • We launched 73 projects!
  • 14 of those were eCommerce websites.
  • 15+ were for professional services firm operating in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction fields.
  • More than 60 were for businesses local to the Puget Sound region.
  • We added 7 new team members to our roster.
  • We received more than 10 awards and recognitions for our work, including 4 W3 awards and the BigCommerce Partner Turnkey Excellence Award.
  • We ate a jillion donuts.


Some of Our Favorite Project Experiences

We’re huge cheerleaders for all our clients and appreciate every single one of you. Below is a short list of projects that we got to do some cool stuff on this year.

MacDonald Hoague & Bayless

Not only was the MHB team a joy to work with, we got to add all sorts of fun flourishes to their website, including a fun, interactive timeline for their “Our History” page.



Their masthead is the epitome of “cool,” featuring a video background with animated—and totally customizable—typing text (complete with cursor) introducing viewers to what Barghausen is all about. Plus, the client loved Barghausen's refreshed logo so much, he had it made into a decal for his truck. These are the kinds of experiences that keep us stoked to come into work every day.

Check out the animated .gif of the Barghausen website experience on the Seattle Web Design Instagram page.


This is one of our most anticipated launches of 2019 (we'll list some more below). Designs are now finalized so development work will begin shortly. In the meantime, here's some of the logo and branding work we delivered to the VivaDoria team.


Weaver Architects

Look—we’re a little biased here. The Weaver team has done interior design work for more than one of our office spaces over the years. But, really, isn’t that just a sign of a flourishing relationship? And in 2018, we returned the favor by launching a gorgeous new professional services website for their team.

What can we say? We love local businesses.

Check out the Weaver portfolio entry here.


When KINONA owners Tami and Dianne set out to develop a women’s golf apparel line, they had a specific objective in mind: introduce the world to golf wear that is not boring or basic, but is instead fun, form flattering, and versatile. And while the business model they had in mind was primarily eCommerce based, they also wanted on-the-ground users to be able to check out the goods in person. Enter, KINONA’s Champions program, wherein golf lovers can host parties to show off the brand’s unique threads and represent KINONA both on and off the green.

Here's a glance at their original homepage design, complete with a couple of their many funky taglines.


Working with Tami and Dianne was—and continues to be—both inspiring and fun, and we’ve loved following the growth of their company and checking out every consecutive seasonal clothing line since the site first launched early in the year.

Company and Culture Highlights

We Moved to a New Office Space

As mentioned in the intro, we switched up our primary digs this year. We’re loving the new location (Amazon Go opened up just across the street making lunchtime food purchasing way too easy), the devs have their own little cave, and we’re now the proud owners of a high-end espresso machine. Thank goodness for Veronica’s barista skills.


We Launched an Official Presence in Minnesota

We decided this year that the Midwest needs some Seattle Web Design love. With Cody Jacobsen now at the helm of our Minneapolis office, efelle officially has a nationwide presence.

We Did a Lot of Good Old Fashioned Team Building

But for real, though, we love to hang out together inside and outside of work. This year we had a number of ad hoc “Celebration Fridays” (it’s a thing), completed a murder mystery together at Halloween, and hosted an epic holiday party and inter-team food drive challenge (results of the challenge to be tallied first thing in the new year; my money is on Team Account Management).

Here’s a shot of Visual Designer and team lead Kerry participating in our August scavenger hunt, where we all took Seattle’s downtown by storm (and I participated in a boat race with my boss).


We Ate a Ton of Good Baking

We’ve got a number of freakin’ talented bakers on our team (looking at you, Tessa, Rheena, Sara, and Amanda). When they decide to treat us to some homemade goods, it adds a whole lot of “extra” to each of our days.

Check out these bomb macarons Amanda brought in for our Halloween party (but please don’t quit your day job, Amanda—we still need your talents for baking up amazing solutions for front-end development issues).


Upcoming 2019 Project Launches That We’re More Than Excited About


A local stationery brand with an almost cult-like following, Compendium’s new eCommerce website will be worth the wait.



Nutpods are plant-based coffee creamers available in a variety of killer spices. We’re still early in the design phase on this one, but we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. Keep an eye out on our blog for updates!

Humble Brands

Humble’s vibe is fun, airy, and oh-so Boho—all things that we love. Watch out for an emphasis on natural-style elements in this design, blended seamlessly with high-functioning eCommerce technology on the development side.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of our work on their homepage. Will it make the final cut? You’ll have to wait and see.


Ronix Wakeboards

Earlier this year we launched Radar Skis, an eCommerce-adjacent website with unique functionality that helps the brand’s owners connect their customers with desired goods, taking their website functionality into the 21st century while also maintaining the company’s solid relationships with brick-and-mortar retailers.

Naturally, we’re stoked about the pending launch for Radar’s sister company, Ronix. You can check out some early design work in our new project announcement and sneak peak post from back in May, but trust us—the best is yet to come.

Come Join Us in 2019—It’s Going to Be an Awesome Time in Website Design and Development

Are you looking to amp up your web presence or snag a job at a top-tier web design agency? Cool! We want to hear from you. You can reach us at 206.384.4909 or via our online contact form. And job hunters—be sure to check out our career listings page. You could be just who we’re looking for.